We produce Prefabric HSB Elements for you in Türkiye (Turkey)...

VestaWood produces Prefabricated HSB Wall Elements, Prefabricated Roof Elements, Prefabricated Roof Windows and Prefanric HSB Floors.

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VestaWood Prefabric is a specialist manufacturer of wooden construction and wooden HSB construction elements...

  • VestaWood Prefabric; manufactures prefabricated wooden frame building elements.
  • All of our HSB elements are produced in our own prefabricated wood factory by expert and experienced employees.
  • We can bid for all your standard or non-standard projects. Our expert architects and structural engineers will design the most useful and robust hsb element walls for you.

The heat insulation, sound insulation and load carrying capacity of the buildings produced with prefabricated wooden HSB elements are quite high.

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VestaWood HSB is an application company within the body of Nilşen Contracting Inc. VestaWood HSB and Nilsen Contracting Inc. produces applications and projects in many fields together ..

Prefabricated Timber Hobby Houses

We have standard hobby houses in 4 different models. If you wish, we can also make it in the sizes you want.

Historical Artifact Restoration

We give life to old structures that come from the depths of history. Historical Artifact Restoration is our job and we are ambitious.

Kitchen - Bath Office Cabinets

Let's make your dreams come true in kitchen, bathroom and office cabinets. We produce standard and non-standard, according to your request.


Decoration project and applications, 3D design, laminated parquet, construction paint and decorative paint applications.

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Dear website visitor, if you need any of the services we provide, contact us without delay. We will provide you with the best quality service, the most reliable and as soon as possible. No doubt about it...


Westa Wood Prefabrik engineers and architects are constantly working to produce the highest quality in the fastest and most economical way. Our first and foremost goal is the satisfaction of our customers. For this reason, our team uses all the new technologies brought by the age to produce the best for you without making any concessions.

Halime Nilgül ŞENER


Kemal Rahmi ŞENER

M.Sc.Civil Engineer





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While creating HSB Elements, the most important issue is to work with expert manufacturers like us. Because the total quality of the HSB Element is directly proportional to the quality of all the other elements that make it up. The more quality products we use, the better the resulting HSB Element will be.

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